Monster Sketch Theater Episode 02: The Horror From Planet X

I just finished the second episode of Monster Sketch Theater. This time I decided to paint a creature that I imagined could be living on the mysterious Planet X. I started thinking about this because I recently read an article that talked about the possibilty of an undiscovered planet. According to the article, the existence of this planet is still purely theoretical. However, the mathematical prediction of a Planet X could explain the peculiar orbits of other smaller objects in the Kuiper Belt. Whether there is an actual planet out there still awaiting discovery or not, I thought the idea of one was really cool and it definitely got my imagination going!

Making these videos has been a great experience so far and I've been learning a lot. My hope is that as I make more of them I will continue to learn and refine the process. One of my favorite parts of the process, besides designing the creatures, is researching the subject matter and learning new things. And then, of course, coming up with some absurd idea to design a creature from!

It was surprising to me that there was a possibilty of another planet in our solar system. I also thought is was insane that it's orbit could take ten to twenty thousand earth years! I'm really hoping that it will come back into the range of our telescopes in my lifetime...but I'm not holding my breath. :)

I'm not sure what the next episode will be, but I'm excited to start exploring ideas. Stay tuned!

Jeff_McAteer_Planet X_MurderFish_Creature_Monster.jpg